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The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
Church of the Province of Southern Africa

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 • Fun and fairy tales
 • If music be the food of life ... play on
 • Candlelight memorial service
 • Building a power base in the NMM
 • Anglican Educare Centres
 • Holy Howard

Fun and fairy tales
Modern versions of favourite fairy stories abounded at the St Hugh’s “Fish and Chip Evening” on Friday 22 October.

The hilarious concert was put on by the various ministry and cell groups of St Hugh’s and the evening opened with some nuns demurely singing ‘I will follow Him’ but then swung into ‘Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’. Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs were rendered as they had ‘originally’ been written ... or so the audience was assured. The lay ministers' wooden band entertained as did a bunch of tadpoles and a Marriage Bureau fiasco. Throughout the evening the ‘cleaning lady', Maureen Lamb, who was visiting from St Saviour’s, kept butting in and keeping the audience in stitches. She even had to help the clown, Sharon Nel, to try and fix her bucket. After Academy Awards were presented to various people, the clergy of the parish ended the evening by assuring, “My heart will go on” and proved it by opening their cassocks to let the audience see their very large red hearts.

During a break in the concert fish and chips were served to the audience who had filled the hall to capacity to enjoy the evening of fun and laughter.

Pictures: (Top) A Nun-act - The nuns of St Hugh's give their all. (Middle) While the rector is away the clergy will play - Believe it or not, the one is Sharon Nell and the other is Maureen Lamb! And below are all the members of the clergy from St Hugh's ... oh, except the rector, who was on sabbatical.


If music be the food of life ... play on
Pastoral care in the way of food and song for the elderly of the community was what members of St Mark and St John, Parkside, arranged during September, reports Graham Soudien.

On Tuesday 21 September a group of nearly 60 people from the Malabar Old Age Home and the Gelvan Park Aged and Frail Home were invited to the parish. They were entertained with some sing-along oldies led by the ‘Westering Minstrels’, and afterwards were served a most nutritious meal. The generosity of the parishioners had made it possible for the Pastoral Care Group to hold the function which was considered a very successful community outreach endeavour.

Candlelight memorial service
AIDS memorial candles - Holy Spirit in KwaZakhele recently held a Candlelight Service to remember all those people who have died of AIDS-related diseases and also to pray for those who are living with HIV and AIDS.

During the service Nokwaka Adams, who is married and a mother of five children, gave a testimony of her positive living.

Building a power base in the NMM
Members of Exodus Initiative Advisory Board and office-bearers met recently to recommit to support the growth of the organisation to build a powerful church in the Nelson Mandela Metropole, reports Anita Jacobs.

Leaders, representing a broad spectrum of churches in Port Elizabeth, met in the boardroom at the diocesan office, with Andrew Jantjies, a self-supporting priest at All Saints’ in Kabega Park, in the chair. A letter of commitment was also signed confirming their church’s unconditional support and blessing, in an effort to assist Exodus Initiative in the growth of the organisation and the extension of God’s Kingdom in this region.

Those who signed were: Bishop Bethlehem (Anglican), Bishop Nkosinathi Vika (Ethiopian Charismatic Church), Bishop Ziphozihle Siwa (Methodist Church of Southern Africa), the Revd Freddie Bott (Moderator - Congregational Church), Pastor Sam Graaff (Gelvan Full Gospel Assembly), the Revd Jakes Alberts (Bethelsdorp Congregational Church), the Revd A Rodger (Presbyterian Church), the Revd I van Wyk (Circuit Superintendent - Methodist Church) and the Revd Shaun Tucker (St James Catholic Church).

Membership of EI is not for individuals but for congregations, represented by their church leaders who would like to join in building a powerful church for the Lord. For more information, please contact the organiser, the chairman, Andrew Jantjies: 041 408 4523 / 083 395 3947 or the part-time organiser, Ronnie Harker: 041 367 3761 / 072 751 2072.

Picture: Some who were there - (back) Ronnie Harker (organiser), the Revd Andrew Jantjies (chairman) the Revd Mario Hendricks (treasurer). (front) Bishop Nkosinathi Vika, Pastor Sam Graaff and Bishop Bethlehem.


Anglican Educare Centres
Readers are asked to please remember the children of the Anglican Educare Centres in our Diocese when sorting out children’s toys to be replaced by new ones this Christmas.

The AEC committee would welcome complete jigsaw puzzles, educational toys and books in usable condition - no soft toys or dolls, please.

Contact Unette (evenings) 041 365 1944 or Hazel 041 581 1981.

Holy Howard! - by Warwick Renard

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