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 •  Helenvale seniors enjoy party
 •  Creation celebrated
 •  Turning AIDS around
 •  Preparing children for death
 •  A safer and cleaner environment

Helenvale seniors enjoy party
More than 40 old folk from Helenvale gathered at Bayview school on 6 November for a party, reports Shirley Paine.

 The sewing group from Bayview School and some of the St Hugh's Church social concern group had organised the event. They felt it was good to reach out to this section of the community with Jesus' love and so had arranged a lunch.

As it was nearing Christmas, presents were included with lunch. All the scarves and beanies that had been knitted during the few weeks before were wrapped, a Christmas tree was decorated, and flowers were arranged in every spare corner. The tables were laden with goodies to eat, and Christmas crackers filled with chocolates and toffees were ready for the arriving guests.

Christmas songs and carols were sung as the guests arrived and were seated. A party like this had never happened in Helenvale before.

The principal of the school, Tyron Johannes, spoke about the special link St Hugh's has had with Bayview School over the past few years. "The school has grown and developed as a result of this link. It has been very worthwhile and exciting," he said.

The sewing group had cooked a wonderful curry lunch and made salads to go along with it. Puddings and ice-cream followed, and fruit juice and coffee completed the meal.

 A fun quiz with prizes followed, with Magda Cherry and Shirley Paine asking such questions as, Who has the most children?, Who is wearing a size 5 shoe? and Who is the oldest person present? The latter was a woman of 85. All the guests went home with a prize.

 As the afternoon drew to a close, parcels of fruit and cakes were handed out and everyone was so appreciative. A happy time had been spent together, and a new outreach was achieved.

Pics: 1) Still strong at 85 - The oldest woman to attend the lunch at Helenvale received a prize from Shirley Paine and Magda Cherry;  2) Fed up? - Literally fed full with food, followed by fun, prizes and gifts, these three senior citizens of Helenvale enjoyed their day.

Creation celebrated
Hazel Braun reports that trying to find the right words to describe the wonder of “A     Celebration of Creation”  held at Holy Trinity Church is almost impossible.

The show was a multimedia presentation based on Genesis 1, compiled and directed by Daphne ffolliott and Natalie Stear, on Saturday 15 October. It was an historic occasion as, for the first time, a new hymn, “O God the Creator”, with words written by Daphne and music composed by Wayne Hughes, was sung in public. What an inspiring finale it was to an evening of song, poetry and music.

The sound effects were so real, people actually thought the birds were in the church, and the flower arrangements by Leslie Hayes, depicting “Morning has broken” were very beautiful. Choirs from Holy Trinity, St John’s Methodist, and Hill Presbyterian churches, conducted by Margaret Jackson-Lee, led the worship. I felt honoured to listen to soloists Leslie Speyers and Sibusiso Nxopo and narrator Roy Williams, while Barrie Williams’ PowerPoint presentation of photographs of appropriate scenes, with clear sound effects, left everyone spellbound.

Holy Trinity was packed to capacity with people from parishes as far as St Peter’s in Kinkelbos. It was truly a night to remember, an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate creation, but it ended too soon!

Among the many comments made afterwards were, “I wish we could see the production over again,” “I wonder when the next one will be?” “I must attend the next one wherever it is held!”

Turning AIDS around
A delightful little prayer booklet has been designed by Diana Nkesiga as a fund-raiser for the St Francis Hospice “Project for Bereaved Children”.

Diana hands the chaplaincy of the hospice over at the end of November when she returns to Uganda. However, this has not stopped her from designing a booklet for young ones called "Talking to God when life is not fair: Prayers for children who lost someone special". Some of the prayers are "When I feel alone ... ", “When someone is unkind", "When I am sad". They are delightfully illustrated with all sorts of wonderfully drawn cats. Sunday School teachers are encouraged to keep a stock of the booklets to give to learners who have to face the death of a grandparent, parent, or sibling.

The booklets are available in English, Xhosa and Afrikaans at R15 each (R12 for bulk purchases).
Orders to Hospice 041 360 7070 or hospice@progen.co.za

Pics: 2 pics - front cover and When I am sad

Preparing children for death
Linda Ncaca reports that one of the important subjects tackled at an AIDS workshop at St Matthew's was "Preparing young children for death."

Nonkosi Nandlasi spoke on this very important subject, and looked at what children understand about dying. Children need to be empowered to face death, and as they begin Sunday School, they need to know Jesus, his care and unconditional love. She also said that as people reveal their HIV status to their family the young members need to be prepared for the future.

The workshop held on Saturday 3 September was facilitated by Linda, who is the MU Christian Family Life AIDS Master Trainer.  It was attended by women from many different organisations in the community.

Other speakers included:  Dumisani Ntuli, who urged people to make sure they know their HIV status; Betty Ncanywa who spoke about Women's health rights, and the need for women to know and exercise their constitutional rights; Thobeka Thanda, who is a registered nurse and a specialist on preventing mother-to-child trans-mission; and Cynthia Cele, who spoke about cultural practice and discrimination.

Pic: Workshop organisers relax - Pilile Lobese, Nomfundiso Madikane,Sipambo Ludidi (the diocesan AIDS co-ordinator), Linda Ncaca, and Tembeka Topu relax during a break in proceedings.

A safer and cleaner environment

Exodus Initiative (EI) launched its campaign for a "Safer and cleaner environment" on Sunday 16 October, in the SM Arends hall in Schauderville. EI represent-atives had consulted with NMM business units on many issues prior to the meeting, which closed with a candle-lighting ceremony.

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