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The official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth:
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa


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 •  Shabbat, the ‘Greening of Israel, et al
 •  Sharing with others
 •  WWB remind us that ‘All is Well'
 •  St Matthew's Choir on CD
 •  An occasional comment
 •  ‘Sharing' fun on Shrove Tuesday
 •  Friend sought

Shabbat, the ‘Greening of Israel, et al

The Revd Dr Bob Clarke D Bsc, D Min, Th D and DD of the Prayer Union for Israel paid his bi-annual visit to Port Elizabeth at the end of February.

As aways his teachings were appreciated by all who had the privilege of listening to him. He did Shabbat teaching dinners at St Hugh’s, All Saints’ in Kabega Park and at All Saints’ United in Somerset East.

He had spent a day of teaching at Somerset East on various subjects which included updates on ‘The Greening of Israel’ through reference to the Old Testament - a subject he spoke on at St Paul’s as well, in line with their Lent course on saving the planet. At two cell  groups he taught on ‘Aspects of the Tabernacle’ and ‘The Jewish Home’

As always, people are reminded that to know Jesus one must understand his Jewishness and get to know him as he is portrayed throughout the Old Testament.

iindaba looks forward to Bob’s next visit in 2011. By then he will have another two doctorates. His theses include three on various aspects of the Passover and the present one is on the Sabbath.

Above: Bob Clarke of the Prayer Union for Israel is seen with Bobbie Gouws and Ruthell Johnson, rector of St Paul’s; and  right with Bishop Bethlehem and Mazoe.


Left: Sheila Lancaster of All Saints’ in Kabega Park kindles the Shabbat Lights to welcome the Sabbath.
Right: Lyn Johnson, Josie Glover, Margaret Hindle, Josie's sister visiting from the UK, Brenda Hill and Bob Glover enjoyed the Shabbat teaching at St Hugh’s.

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Sharing with others
[ Thami Nyondo ]

Thembela Madutyana’s birthday on 10 December 2008 was celebrated in style by sharing with the Motherwell community - specifically the regular attendees of the St Matthias’ soup kitchen.

This was not the first time the soup kitchen has received assistance from Thembela, as throughout the year the recipients enjoyed soup that had been thickened with vegetables which Thembela obtained from Khanyiswa Maqubela who is a hawker near the  Motherwell shopping centre.

Thembela bought loaves of bread and fruit for the people, who wore broad smiles because to them this meant an early Christmas. St Matthias is fortunate to have people like Thembela who are prepared to put smiles in other peoples’ faces.

Pic 1: Thembela Madutyana is seen (first from the right) with the volunteers  who cook the soup and with Mthetheleli Vena the priest-incharge of St  Matthias Mission District.

Pic 2: Khanyiswa Maqubela the hawker who supplies the vegetables to  thicken the soup.

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WWB remind us that ‘All is Well'

The Worship Watch Band from Belfast in Ireland, led a Celebration of Worship service at Holy Trinity, Central, on Sunday evening 22 February.

During the evening they played a brand new song, “He lowers us to raise us,” written by Johnny Parks, reminding Christians that God is still in control in spite of the credit crunch and the hard times we are facing at present. The refrain has words, ‘All is well with my  soul, He is God in control, I know not all his plans, But I know I’m in his hands.’

The church was full and there were many visitors from other parishes – especially the youth – who enjoyed the worship songs which the band play at all-night worship services in Belfast.

WWB visited Holy Trinity a year ago and were so well received that they returned when they were in the area. They are the band that backed Robin Mark, famous for songs like “Days of Elijah”, “Take us to the river” and “The Secret Place”.

Pics: Some of the young crowd who enjoyed the Worship Watch Band (right) when they visited Holy Trinity in Central. 

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St Matthew's Choir on CD
[ Siyabulela Tshatshu ]

A banquet was held on 29 Novemer 2008 to celebrate the St Matthew’s Choir achievements and to launch their CD.

At the banquet they heard that, before her death, the late Mrs Qunta had made a plea for the choir to make a recording, so her family had contributed R1 000 toward the cost of producing the CD.

At the banquet motivational awards were made to some of the choir members.

Copies of the CD are available at R80 each. Contact:
Stone Bell - 082 378 7857 or
Nzwakie Magxaka -
084 610 3140.

Celebratory braai

On 29 January the choir held a celebratory braai at St George’s Strand to open the year, celebrate all the achievements of 2008 and to re-commit themselves to the choir for 2009.

George Sonkwala, an honorary member, and Stone Bell, the chairman, each encouraged the members and reminded them of their motto, ‘Ours is to Sing.’

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An occasional comment

Hear the Word of the Lord

I travel around to many parishes for services and I thrill at how beautifully some readers proclaim the Word, with  conviction. One sits up and listens and feels the life ‘The Word of the Lord’ brings. One listens and knows that this Word is far more important than the preachers ‘take’ on it in his/her sermon … this “is” the “Word of the Lord.”

However, the other side of the coin is that I’m shattered at how badly some read. The poor comma, and even the full  stops, are often ignored so the meaning of many a sentence is obscure to say the least ... and, oh, the rush to get it over  with! Isn’t the Word of the Lord worth practicing a good many times to perfect it, before going up and reading it on the Sunday?

Bishop Paddy Glover of the Diocese of the Free State once wrote on the subject, saying, “People will often say sympathetically after a reader has massacred a passage of Scripture, ‘But they did their best.’ Well, sometimes our best is not sufficient. I don’t play tennis at Wimbledon because my best is simply not good enough. And the same thing applies to readers. Only those who are really good should be entrusted with the reading of Scripture in public worship. Surely only the best is good enough for God.”

So readers, let the Word of the Lord ring out from your lips and hearts to the glory of God.

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‘Sharing' fun on Shrove Tuesday

Taught to share - so Brent Harker, Douglas King
and Barnardo had fun sharing their pancakes at
All Saints’ in Kabega Park.

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Friend sought

I am trying to locate my old university friend, Megan Judd. Would you please be so kind to forward her my email address.

Thank you
Jostine Loubser

If any reader is able to help with Megan’s contact details, iindaba will pass Jostine's details on to Megan.

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