The Anglican Diocese
of Port Elizabeth

Anglican Diocese of Port Elizabeth

History of the Diocese

The British garrison of Port Elizabeth saw the arrival of 500 settlers in 1825, which included Francis McClelland, who was appointed as Colonial Chaplain the same year.

The foundation stone of the Collegiate Church of St. Mary the Virgin was also laid, which only would be opened for worship in 1832.

The Anglican Diocese of Port Elizabeth was created in 1970, with Philip Russell at it's first bishop until 1974. The diocese supported the anti-apartheid campaign under his tenure and the one of his successor, Bruce Evans.

Bruce Evans was followed by Eric Pike, who would be in office from 1993 to 2001.

Bethlehem Nopece was elected as the first black bishop of the diocese in 2001, which position he occupied until 29 July 2018.

List of bishops